! e.g. teeda-gw


! e.g. 64512 (or choose your favorite AS number)


! Your router's global unique IPv4 address.


! Your global unique IPv6 prefix.

! e.g. 2001:5c0:9d61::/48


! The interface name used to peer.


! To establish new BGP peer, follow the below step:

! conf t

! router bgp <YOUR_AS_NUMBER>

! neighbor <PEER_IPV6_ADDRESS> remote-as <PEER_AS_NUMBER>


! NOTE: If <PEER_IPV6_ADDRESS> is link-local address, you have to add a following line.

! neighbor <PEER_IPV6_ADDRESS> interface <IF_NAME>


! neighbor <PEER_IPV6_ADDRESS> shutdown

! address-family ipv6

! neighbor <PEER_IPV6_ADDRESS> peer-group peer

! exit address-family ipv6

! no neighbor <PEER_IPV6_ADDRESS> shutdown

! end


! Issue 'show ipv bgp sum', and check your BGP peers.


! show ipv bgp nei <PEER_IPV6_ADDRESS> rec

! - check what your router recieved routes from the peer.


! show ipv bgp nei <PEER_IPV6_ADDRESS> ad

! - check what you advertise routes to the peer.


! clear bgp <PEER_IPV6_ADDRESS>

! - re-establish BGP peer


! clear bgp <PEER_IPV6_ADDRESS>

! - re-establish BGP peer

! specify '*' as PEER_IPV6_ADDRESS to reset all peer.


! clear bgp <PEER_IPV6_ADDRESS> soft out

! clear bgp <PEER_IPV6_ADDRESS> soft in

! - soft reconfiguration (more graceful way to reset peer)


hostname <YOUR_ROUTER_NAME>-bgpd

password zebra

enable password zebra

log file /var/log/quagga/bgpd.log

! service password-encryption


router bgp <YOUR_AS_NUMBER>

bgp router-id <YOUR_IPV4_ADDRESS>

bgp log-neighbor-changes

no bgp default ipv4-unicast

bgp graceful-restart

neighbor peer peer-group

neighbor <PEER_IPV6_ADDRESS> remote-as <PEER_AS_NUMBER>


address-family ipv6

network <YOUR_IPV6_PREFIX>

neighbor peer activate

neighbor peer soft-reconfiguration inbound

neighbor peer distribute-list peer-in in

neighbor peer distribute-list peer-out out

neighbor <PEER_IPV6_ADDRESS> peer-group peer



access-list restrict-vty permit


ipv6 access-list peer-in deny ::/0 exact-match

ipv6 access-list peer-in deny <YOUR_IPV6_PREFIX>

ipv6 access-list peer-in permit any

ipv6 access-list peer-out deny ::/0 exact-match

ipv6 access-list peer-out permit <YOUR_IPV6_PREFIX>

ipv6 access-list restrict-vty permit ::1/128


line vty

access-class restrict-vty

ipv6 access-class restrict-vty